Eco Friendly Home Decor, Organic Accessories and Organic Women Clothing, Natural Children Clothes

Eco friendly world of Fashion: Home decor for an ecochic lifestyle: women and children clothing, accessories, quilts 100% organic cotton and natural silk fabric

Metiseko was born with the input of three people with different backgrounds having the same love for traveling and fabric. With a common vision and complementary know-hows, the brand began with a collection of fashion products and homeware made in 100% organic cotton.

Located in Vietnam, Metiseko draws its inspiration from the traveling, the blending of cultures, the richness and luxuriance of the tropics. Discovery and traveling being its engine for creation, Metiseko made the traveler's tree as a symbol for its values and its brand.

From daily life in the land of Asia, the brand gets different inspirations from its travel journals and creates a collection of coloured and poetic prints. The brand aims to be uninhibited, without bias and opens the boundaries between fashion and home. The two aspects come together in one place forming a world filled with all kinds of items and accessories with printed textiles at the heart of creation. Metiseko provides Organic, Eco Friendly Clothing, Organic Home Decor & Accessories.